Oh my gosh!  I am blogging!  It didn’t quite hit me until I shared the link with a couple of friends yesterday.  I felt like I had flung open my dresser drawers and let people rummage through my things.  I kept rereading the post, wondering what might make a reader smile and nod or shake her head and judge me.  This business of living out loud is scary stuff for a life-long introvert like me.

So, why do it?  The quick answer is because I want to learn how. I need to keep up with the times and technology.  Learning new things usually comes pretty easy for me, but I fear I am being left behind. That’s mostly because I decide to use my time in other ways.  I have too many hobbies already.  If I add blogging to them, I will have even less time to knit or sew or read or play Mario Kart (um… yes, a confession: that is something I enjoy) or …whatever.


Perhaps that will be true.

But I also wonder if writing down my thoughts, feelings, fears, celebrations and stories will help me to clear my mind and actually make more quality time for those other things.  If I am honest, I will say that more days than not, I wander around with thoughts and ideas swirling in my head.  It gets exhausting and overwhelming.  If I sit down to write, the emotions can flow freely, out on the screen and out of my head.  I hope I can lessen that daily anxiety I feel from all these ideas and feelings screaming at me.

Who will be interested in reading those things?  You, I guess, if you made it this far.  But even if nobody does, I will feel heard and acknowledged because I took that time for myself and made what I think and feel a priority.